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Silk Pockets is a personal style journal and blogpost written by Charity Haynes.

Based just outside of London in the suburb of Marlow, Buckinghamshire, UK, Charity writes about her personal style. A mixture of high street finds, and retro styling. Charity is a keen vintage enthusiast, and thrifty thrifter. So many outfit posts will mix both vintage and high street together. You can read more about Charity Here.

Sidebar Advertising

Sidebar advertising is available just below the Facebook Link. These can be purchased in week slots, at £10 per week.

Please contact me for more information at

Brand Partnership

Silk Pockets does not accept guest posts, but will accept sponsored links.  I am also happy  partner with brands on some on my outfit posts and other features which I feel are appropriate for the site. But these must be pre-approved.

I’m also happy to consider items of clothing or footwear for inclusion in outfit posts, of which the appropriate links will be included. But please note Silk Pockets will only accept gifted items, and will only include items which are appropriate to the Blog.


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