Boys Just Wanna Have Fun… too!

verbeudet coatLet me introduce you to Ashton. My 6 (and a HALF – he reminds me) year old. He is my right hand man when it comes to taking pictures for my blog. Without him I would have far less outfit picks – He is a little trooper! He wants to be a Photographer when he grows up, as well as a superhero. As you do…

So, having two little boys, I have to admit that shopping for them can at times be a little uninspiring. With little girls clothes you have so many beautiful options. Pretty fabrics, dresses, leggings, cardigans… the list could go on. It is a little harder to find good boys clothes. It’s by no means impossible, you just need to know where to look. But I like to dress my boys in things I can get excited about, and I feel proud of my little men when they go out.

That’s not to say we do not have a few pairs of muddy wellie boots and tracksuit bottoms for outside play, they are boys of course! (you can’t keep the boys out of the mud… it’s impossible – and what would be the fun in that??)boys childrens fashionI think, for boys fashion, it’s important to have fun with layering, colour and texture. There might not be as mush variety out there, but work with what you’ve got. Brands that I really love are Boden, Monsoon, Verbaudet (it is online) and Zara Boys. Although I practically have to walk into Zara’s children’s section with blinkers on, as I fall in love with everything in the girls section!

I know some of these brands are more pricy – but I always try to buy in the sales in the next size up, and save until next season. I have a whole drawer dedicated to clothing bought and waiting to be worn. It saves you a lot of money!

20131102_094349Favorite Film: Despicable Me 2

20131102_094503I also think that it’s nice for younger boys to have longer hair – they will have their whole lives as adults to have their buzz cuts. While they are young enough, let our boys look like boys! I cut both boys hair myself, mainly because they have shaggy, choppy haircuts so its easy enough. if you want to see how it’s done, I will soon be doing a Vlogg about it – because Ashton needs a haircut desperately!!! So stay tuned! boys christmas jumperWhat Ashton Wore:

Boots: Naturino | Trousers: Monsoon |Red Check Shirt: Darcy Brown | Jumper: Darcy Brown| Coat: Vertbaudet find similar Here | Scarf: Boden | Cheeky expression: Model’s Own