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Candy Candy is again located in the Corn Exchange. There is so much about this store that I should love, and I was so looking forward to visiting it. The pink and blue pastel combinations, the paper pompoms hanging from the ceiling. It all seems so right.

20130622_140226I loved the cleaver mixture of vintage items among the funky products, and the floral wallpaper was so tastefully done. Along with little touches, like playing very good, vintage music.


20130622_140103They have a wide range of very unusual but adorable fascinators – of which were inspiring

20130622_140235I tried on a few  of their vintage inspired items. I actually loved this blue skirt so much that I bought it. And the capris were adorable. But they only do vintage inspired items, so those of you who are hard core vintage fans – this is probably not for you. And their clothing is quite pricey, even in the sale, things were very expensive.  But saying that, the vintage inspired items were tastefully done. They have a fabulous range of midi wiggle dresses, but at a price.



20130622_134508Like I said, this shop should have been soooo right. But unfortunately it wasn’t. The minute we walked in we got a cold reception from the girl behind the counter. It turns out her name is Jemma, and not only was she uninterested, but her boyfriend was skulking behind the counter. Jemma lifted her eyes up from texting for long enough to let us know that the owner would not be in to meet with us.

We did have a look around, trying to overcome the  unwelcome feel we had, but when we tried to find out what the prices of some of the fascinators were, Jemma did not know or even seem to care to find out. This was completely the opposite to how we had found all the other stores in the Corn Exchange. And we felt it was a bit of a shame because all the other stores obviously really care about their customer service. It gives the Corn exchange a disservice to leave a bad experience with customers.

If I’m honest, if we had not had other appointments to meet other stores in the Corn Exchange, I would have left, and not visited any of the other shops. I hope this is not the case with other customers.

One saving grace for this shop was by chance meeting  the adorable and professional apprentice, Isabella (seen below).

20130623_105551 We had to quickly stop by the store on Sunday before we left Leeds, and were greeted with a very different picture. Isabella, who was dressed impeccably, was polite, helpful and very cheerful and smiley was more than happy to help us, and give us a warm welcome. I really do hope if you visit this shop that you are greeted with her, because we would have had an entirely different experience.

Candy Candy can be found Online, or on Facebook.

Please let us know how your experience has been if you have been to visit Candy Candy. It would be interesting to know how you got on.

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