Supersize me…

20130926_183356This season, Oversize was the cool new message. Shoulders were dropped, lengths were long and Silhouettes bat-winged. Just look at the abundance of oversized coats this season.

So The question is… How do I oversize without looking, well… oversized? The key is to contrast volume with slimline structure. It is a stylish pairing of opposites.


So, this batwinged Jumper, (which I have worn non stop since the weather has cooled down, becoming one of my firm favourites) Is perfect paired with either skinny jeans, OR… a midi pencil skirt. Β This Midi skirt caught my eye, as it is the perfect ladylike length, and with the contrasting monochrome paneling -it gave it something that bit different. LOVE it!


20130926_183249What I Wore:

Shoes: Steve Madden | Skirt: Asos | Oversized Jumper: Zara | Necklace: Biba