Commotion in Locomotion #leedmetothevintage

What a stir our arrival at Victoria Coach station caused! Who would have thought, right??

victoria coach station plack red sign

As we walked in to the beautiful art deco building which hosts the Victoria Bus station, my beautiful vintage suitcase promptly broke. Nothing major, but the handle needed repairing. BOO! But all was forgotten when, as I lifted my eyes, I saw five beautiful vintage Coaches, lined up and shining at me. A smile crept on my face, and my mind was made. We HAD to have a picture with these beauty’s! We were dressed in our retro finery – it was like it was meant to be!!

I immediately marched in the shiny coach’s direction, Lyndsey closely following. (dragging my naughty suitcase with me) Why was everyone surrounding these coaches and why were they there? I have no idea.  But I knew this was going to make a great photo opportunity.


This was THE perfect place to take pictures for an outfit post. I saw one of the buses had the door open – and looked around to see if there was anyone who looked like I could ask… Can I please have a picture inside the coach? I clocked a very sweet looking man in vintage coach driver attire. He was the ONE. I did not expect such a warm welcome, he was more than happy for me to take my picture by the coach, and was sweet enough to even posed with me!


That’s when it all kicked off. We were suddenly mobbed (and I mean mobbed) by people wanting our picture with the buses. Each driver wanted a picture with us by his own coach. There was at least 30 people with cameras saying ‘Look this way!’ ‘Over here!’


It was completely surreal. Me and Lyndsey kept looking at each other in disbelief! I just wish that I had taken a picture of the Paparazzi Papping us! Oh well, hindsight is a wonderful thing…

It was such a whirlwind that we almost missed our coach!!!! We were being shuttled here and there, to take photos, when suddenly we realised our bus was leaving in two minutes. A quick (well, as quick as you can be with a suitcase that is broken, and three other bags) run across the coach station, and made it on time! Phew!

Leeds here we come!


What I Wore:

Dress: Vintage | Shoes: L K Bennett | Necklace: Zara (recent) | Belt: Primark | Ribbon in Hair: NoaNoa | Suitcase: Thrift

Victoria Bus station | Amazing!

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Until Next Time…

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