Manly Tailoring, the Sexy Way.

-7-6The lighting today is terrible – i apologise for the fussiness of these photos – but the outfit was great – so I had to include it in the blog today.

Ok, so a crisp white shirt sometimes can feel anything but sexy, or feminine, but it is all how you mix it up. Manly tailoring CAN be done and can look hot. Think figure hugging, and layering.

A well-fitting long-line waistcoat is always very flattering, and this is the first time I have actually layered it under a blazer – but I think it looks pretty cool. I think it helps that the blazer is a different colour to the waistcoat, as it can lose the hourglass look if it is all matchy-matchy. Yes – black and brown CAN go together – just tie it all in with another item of clothing – such as the shoes!!

This waistcoat also has a silk back to it, so if you take the blazer off, you still have got something special.

This blazer is vintage, and already had cropped sleeves, but if your doesn’t simply roll up the cuffs and push up the arms. Effortless cool.-5What I Wore

Blazer: Vintage | Waistcoat: Ted Baker | Shirt: Zara | Skirt: Jacques Vert | Shoes: Charlotte Russe